Talk and film screening

• Thu 01 06 2017 / 9 pm •
Collage for Cologne Matthieu Bareyre


Matthieu Bareyre’s Collage for Cologne will present a portrait of the protest movement Nuit Debout, or “awake at night,” often referred to as the French Occupy. It began on the night of March 31 2016 in Paris, when thousands of people reclaimed the central Place de la République in protest of a new labor law. After the terrorist attacks by ISIS and the following state of emergency imposed by the governing Socialist Party (PS), it was time for the people to regain public space – first in Paris, then in several cities all over France. Collage for Cologne shows fragments taken from Parisian scenes under the state of emergency in France. Matthieu Bareyre will discuss extracts of his collage and the aftermath of the elections for the Nuit Debout movement with the author and journalist Bernhard Schmid and one of the Nuit Debout activists, Rose-Marie Ayoko Folly.

The film was selected in an experimental Open Call for artistic projects in the Paris region, initiated by Academy member Monika Gintersdorfer.

Venue: King Georg, Sudermanstraße 2, 50670 Cologne
3 €
French with German translation

In cooperation with King Georg Klubbar