Film Premiere and Talk

• Tue 20 06 2017 / 8 pm •
Dance for Käthe Kollwitz


Dance for Käthe Kollwitz is a new film by Katarina Zdjelar. Commissioned and supported by the Academy of the Arts of the World, it delves into the work of the dancer and performer Dore Hoyer, who developed a unique form of politically engaged choreography when she founded a dance school in the ruins of Dresden after the Second World War. Its first performance in 1946 was called Dances for Käthe Kollwitz and was dedicated to the Communist Party. Zdjelar uses the gaps in the archival evidence of this unique production as a springboard for the imaginative reconstruction of the piece in the form of a film. This new piece was produced in collaboration with the Young Academy, with whom she worked in a series of workshops held in 2016. The screening is followed by a talk with the artist.

Language: English
Venue: KHM-Aula, Filzengraben 2, 50676 Cologne
Free admission
Ensuing talk in English

With the friendly assistance of Mondriaan Fund