• Thu 26 10 2017 / 9 pm •
Phantom-Politics in Palestine-Israel: From Double Negation to Double Erasure Joshua Simon


In his talk, curator and theorist Joshua Simon explores some of the many reasons for the current condition of deadlock in Israel – a situation unique to the regime established since the occupation of the Palestinian territories. At the same time, it highlights and radicalizes several characteristics of contemporary models of sovereignty found all over the world especially since 2001 and the onset of the War on Terror. Joshua Simon’s talk looks at one of these models, the mechanism of heightened internal contradictions. The various negations that constitute the Israeli-Palestinian condition seem to cancel one another out. Therefore, they allow for everything to somehow stay the same in a manner that seems endless. This intense, self-canceling political reality is proposed here as a form of hyperneutrality, whose repetitions and paradoxes seem to dictate the conditions for a heightened standstill.

Venue: King Georg, Sudermanstraße 2, 50670 Cologne
3 €
In English