• Thu 17 05 2018 •
Archive of Ambience: Sound in Community Diana McCarty


Venue: King Georg, Sudermanstraße 2, 50670 Cologne
In English
5 €

In cooperation with King Georg

The event is part of the Young Academy’s program Wild Things – sounds and narratives.

In the last few years, radio has again gained significance as a medium in the art world as well as in activist groups. With this year’s project Wild Things – sounds and narratives, the Youth Academy wishes to evoke the utopias of radio activists of the 1960s, in whose footsteps a new generation has increasingly been following in the last decade. The workshop participants explore aural strategies of self-empowerment and seek out collective utopian spaces, dedicating themselves to defiant and challenging sound practices and their capacity for transmitting alternative narratives that have not previously been heard. The literary scholar bell hooks describes language as a place of struggle; in this spirit, the project intends to pose the questions: Who has the right to language and to speaking? And above all: who is listened to?

Part of the workshop is the public lecture of radio activist Diana McCarty, co-founder of the “free radio” station reboot.fm. Diana McCarty’s lecture centers on her practice as a feminist radio broadcaster and cyberpunk. The evening will give insight into the history of radio activism and examine its topicality.

Each (semi)annual program of the Youth Academy focuses on a theme, engaging in a theoretical as well as a practical examination of the topic. Building a temporary community in solidarity with each other is the goal of the program, which is also the foundational basis for all the projects realized by the Youth Academy. A call for participation is announced at the beginning of each new project, which is open to all who are interested; there are no conditions for participation.

More information on the workshop and registration for the project can be found at on the website of the Youth Academy.