• Sun 10 06 2018 •
Original Sin. A Concert Susanne Sachsse & Xiu Xiu


Venue: Stadtgarten, Venloer Straße 40, 50670 Cologne
In English
15 € / 10 € reduced
Combined ticket including the lecture of Avery F. Gordon 17 € / 12 € reduced

In cooperation with Stadtgarten

Original Sin is a coproduction with the Goethe-Institut (Internationaler Koproduktionsfond), Münchner Kammerspiele and Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Supported by the Capital Cultural Fund.

It’s a true story: while the GDR erected its anti-fascist security wall around Berlin, Luise Brand was building a majestic house in a village in Thuringia, where she lived with her older husband and her younger lover, her two daughters and two dogs ‒ living circumstances that breached moral codes and not only the socialist ones. The house was also a private doctor’s practice, and when Luise’s husband became too old, her lover took over caring for the patients. Later the wall fell, Luise Brand died, and the GDR failed. But the house still lives on.

The actor SUSANNE SACHSSE transforms the story of her admiration and disdain for her grandmother, Luise Brand, into a concert/performance. In poetic texts that are sung and spoken from different perspectives by multiple narrators, she connects the story of Luise Brand to contemporary questions: What was everyday life like for a working woman with two children in the GDR? What is the difference between a house under socialism and one under capitalism?

Original Sin draws on horror films about haunted houses, where ghosts from the past can walk through walls. With original lyrics by Sachsse and in collaboration with extraordinary performance artists and musicians like VAGINAL DAVIS and JAMIE STEWART, Sachsse creates a glamorous, mysterious memorial: sexy, queer, and dark!