• Sun 30 09 2018 •
The Jaguar and the Snake Amanda Piña / nadaproductions


Venue: Flora Köln, Am Botanischen Garten 1a, 50735 Cologne
In English and German

The performance is part of the symposiums Floraphilia BOTANICAL GARDEN AS A COLONIAL SITE.

The Jaguar and the Snake is a performance piece inspired by hybrid beings who populate Amerindian oral and visual imagery. Amanda Piña, Linda Samaraweerová and Yoan Sorin have worked on embodying Amerindian iconography, especially focusing on the points at which animal, human and vegetal meet fuse and transform. What other forms of relationships are possible between animals, humans and plants? The performance explores how these concepts are understood in Amerindian terms, creating a visionary world between ancestral indigenous knowledge and contemporary performance art. This performance was created through the long-term project Endangered Human Movements, which started in the year 2014, focusing on human movement practices cultivated for centuries all over the world. Inside this frame, a series of performances, workshops, installations, publications and a comprehensive online archive are developed which reconstruct, recontextualise and resignify human movement practices in danger of disappearing, aiming at unleashing their future potential.

Artistic Direction/Choreography: Amanda Piña
Performance: Linda Samaraweerová
Painting/Sculpture: Yoan Sorín
Music: Christian Müller
Costumes: Lise Lendais
Production Management: Angela Vadori

The performance is produced by nadaproductions, co-produced by deSingel Antwerpen and STUK Leuven, and funded by the City of Vienna (Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien).

Endangered Human Movements Vol. 3 is co-produced by Tanzquartier Wien and EN KNAP Productions-Ljubljana and supported by Hellerau – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste-Dresden and Bundeskanzleramt – Kunst und Kultur (Austrian Federal Chancellery – Art and Culture).