Narrative Saloon and Performative Lecture

• Tue 04 06 2019 / 7 pm •
MEMORY LAB #3 Sicily Express – Memory Lab goes M. S. Kalk / The Route(s) of Italian Migration

With VINCENZO ANTONA, GIUSEPPE BARTOLOTTA, ANTONELLA GIURANO, BORIS SIEVERTS and other guests from the Italian community of Cologne

Under the city motorway at the foot of the Kalkberg and at the old railway station in Cologne-Kalk, you can sometimes see the trucks of Sicilian food importers. From the truck beds, they sell preserves in jars and cans, vacuum-packed salami and cheese, wine and artichokes. On the return journey to Sicily, the transporters carry small and large parcels from the numerous Italians living in the district. Cologne-Kalk is a centre of the Italian community in North Rhine-Westphalia and in all of Germany. Since the 1950s and to the present day, the district has been particularly attractive to people from the south of Italy. The “Sicily Express” takes us on an imaginary journey from Sicily to Kalk and back. In an interview, importers and their customers as well as other Italians in Cologne tell Aurora Rodonò what connects them to the two places and why it is so nice to come to Kalk on Saturday to buy Italian delicacies. While they share stories from the everyday life of Italian migrants in Germany, Boris Sieverts accompanies them on Google Earth.

Start: 19:00 Venue: Square before the Alter Bahnhof Kalk, Gottfried-Hagen-Straße, 51105 Cologne
Languages: German | Italian (with translation)
Free admission

MONDO APERTO/OFFENE WELT e.V. is a cultural association in the South of Cologne that promotes transcultural dialogue, organising numerous concerts, readings and workshops for Italians and all other interested members of a multicultural society.

The Memory Lab is funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb.

A series of events of the Akademie der Künste der Welt in cooperation with DOMiD – Documentation Centre and Museum of Migration in Germany.