Open Air Meeting, Guided Tour, Exhibition and Apéro

• Sat 13 07 2019 •
MEMORY LAB #6 Assembly of the Many – Or: In What Kind of Society Do We Want to Live?

With Memory Stations participants, the DOMiD team and other guests

The participatory digital archive project found:erased:palimpsest will be installing Memory Stations in Cologne and elsewhere in North Rhine-Westphalia from April to July to collect everyday stories and to test archiving practices in the age of digitisation and migration. To complement the stations, the discursive-performative Memory Lab will host a series of events to negotiate power- and discrimination-critical questions of remembrance and archiving within a culture of remembrance that is still hegemonically structured. A concluding public meeting on the square in front of the DOMiD (Documentation Centre and Museum of Migration in Germany) will serve to summarize the work of the Memory Stations and to discuss fundamental questions. What collective forms of knowledge production and memory practices can increase the visibility and political power of groups that had been rendered invisible? How can the various struggles for visibility and remembrance be brought together into alliances of memory? What is the relationship between private, individual memory and public, collective memory? In what kind of society do we want to live, and what do archives have to do with it?

Throughout the afternoon, the DOMiD team will be showing the open-air exhibition of the project “Fellow travellers? (Hi)stories of migration society ”, with which the DOMiD will be touring Germany in summer 2019 under the hashtag #Meinwanderungsland (a pun on “emigration county” and “my country”).

Start: 16:00
17:00 | 18:00: Archives of Migration – one-hour guided tours
In german language
Free admission
Venue: In front of the DOMiD (Documentation Centre and Museum of Migration in Germany), Venloer Str. 419, 50825 Cologne

In case of bad weather, the event takes place on the ground floor of the district town hall - follow the signs!

Registration required by 08 07 2019 at

The Memory Lab is funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb.

A series of events of the Akademie der Künste der Welt in cooperation with DOMiD – Documentation Centre and Museum of Migration in Germany.