Lecture + Discussion

• Fri 06 12 2019 / 8 pm •
Citizens of Nowhere


The complex of economic, ecological, technological and migratory challenges and crises we are currently facing can no longer be mastered by any nation state. The result is an extraordinary provincialisation of our politics vis-à-vis new planetary powers humanity. For as paradoxical as it may seem, it is precisely the decline of the nation state that is the source of the great nationalist triumph of our time. To move beyond that, Marsili argues, we need a new planetary vision capable of reclaiming and liberating our world, starting today and engaging each of us. This is the task of philosophy as much as of politics, theory and school striking. Marsili revisits the central theses and arguments of his book Citizens of Nowhere(ZED Books 2018, with Niccolò Milanese) and takes them further.

Philosopher and activist Lorenzo Marsili is a Fellow of the Academy of Arts of the World and will present his current book project in a lecture and in conversation with Mi You.

Free Admission
Language: English
Venue: King Georg, Sudermannstraße 2, 50670 Cologne

An event in cooperation with Literatur zur Zeit