Audio Essay

Stefan Weidner Virus and Terror

Safety is the core issue, but the rhetoric of war is still the popular rallying call. Stefan Weidner, author, translator and Arabic literature scholar, discusses how policy measures to combat the virus crisis, and the post-9/11 mantra of the ‘war on terror’, mirror and complement each other.

Language: German

Text: Stefan Weidner Editing: Viktorie Knotková Speakers: Alexander Angeletta, Mirjam Rast, Irene Kleinschmidt, Siegfried W. Maschek, Simon Zigah Sound collage: Jan Grosfeld Sound: Martin Dieckhoff Images: André Ott Costume (images): Maria Bertram

The essay Virus und Terror by Stefan Weidner has been produced and published in cooperation with the discourse platform VITA ACTIVA of the global° - Festival für grenzüberschreitende Literatur. The audio essay is a production of VITA ACTIVA.