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Due to new governmental decisions to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, the Academyspace of the Academy of Arts of the World will not be open from 02 11 2020 until 31 01 2020. The exhibition Ghosts, Traces, Echoes: Works in Shifts cannot be visited during this period.


This package is about precarious labor and surreal landscape – simultaneously cruel and beautiful, spontaneous and choreographed, absurd and tactile.

Showtimes: Fri–Sun, 14:15–16:15 + 16:45–18:30
Venue: Academyspace, Herwarthstr. 3, 50672 Cologne
Free Admission | seats in the cinema room are limited to 3 *

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2019 | 3’ | Video Art | Netherlands, Germany
Director: Ahmet Ögüt

Fifty kilometers from Berlin is a huge hangar. It was built by the German Luftwaffe in 1938, and briefly served as a construction site for zeppelins in the 1990s, but today it houses a tropical swimming paradise. A million visitors a year come here to spend a day lazing in an indoor reproduction of Bali, Thailand or the Amazon, with the temperature at a constant 26 degrees Celsius. Ögüt points out the absurdity of this leisure paradise by focusing on one of the smallest cogs in the wheel of a 500-strong team: the man who gives hot air balloon tours – indoors.

Music: Kaan Bulak

2010 | 99’ | Video Art, Landscape Art | Great Britan, USA
Director: Sharon Lockhart

The twilight is called the magic hour in cinema practice – for its softer yet clear luminosity. On very few days in the nature’s cycle the low tide on the sea happens twice – during the twilight’s hours at dawn and dusk. In the coastal Maine in North America, a female clam digger works in the mudflat, bending her spine again and again through the magic hour light.
Sharon Lockhart structures the film into two static shots. In the first shot the woman’s image, blurred by the morning fog, slowly comes to illumination as the progressing daylight reveals a melancholic landscape. In the second shot the setting sun glistens on the mudflat and on the distant tree lines, as the clam digger traverses back along her line of work. The cycle of nature and the rhythm of labor dialogue with each other as the sound of occasional sea birds and the plop of the extracted clams from the mud soil intersperses with the bodily sound of squelching boots and shallow breathing.

Screenplay: Sharon Lockhart
Camera: Richard Rutkowski
Editing: May Rigler

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