Online Talk

• Sat 06 03 2021 / 7 – 8:30 pm •
Gendered Labor: Myths, Orality and Technology

moderated by MADHUSREE DUTTA

As against the well-circulated big history, big cinema and big modernity, women scholars, artists and filmmakers have been consistently talking about non-industrialized labor, pre-cinematic narrative forms and feminine knowledge systems. The two filmmakers Stephanie Comilang and Fatou Kandé Senghor are deeply invested in their non-European / off-European narrative legacy, and its impact on their respective artistic idioms is evident in their films. The panel will discuss further how image-making itself is part of the labor trajectory.

We use Zoom to conduct the online talk. The Zoom link is available here. The event will be broadcast on our Facebook Account.
Language: English
Free Admission