Online Film Screening

• Fri 11 – Sun 13 12 2020 •
Film-Work In Comparison

2009 | 60‘ | Documentary | Germany, France, Switzerland, India, Burkina Faso
Director: Harun Farocki

Bricks are manufactured in Africa, India and Europe and used to erect clinics, children’s homes, schools and residential buildings. Harun Farocki observed the different steps of the manufacturing process. Bricks are cast, fired or pressed by hands, machines or robots. Depending on the country of production, this involves a single worker or a large group. The film’s title communicates a decisive aspect: Farocki merely offers material to the viewer, who has to draw the actual comparisons between traditional, early industrial, and fully industrialized societies herself. The brick is the smallest unit and the sole focus of the film. The interconnecting elements are title cards displaying some brief information about the place and the construction method.

Script: Matthias Rajmann, Harun Farocki
Camera: Ingo Kratisch
Award: Arte Documentary Award