• Sun 04 07 2021 / 3 – 6 pm •
Tactile Sensibility


Using Anni Albers’s text Tactile Sensibility (1965) as a starting point, this workshop with Kerstin Schroedinger invites participants to playfully engage as a group with the haptic perception of textiles and with memory in relation to these very sensations. Which memories connect with specific fabrics, which narratives, which family stories, myths, skills and knowledge are tied to these materials – grandma sitting at the sewing machine, the first pair of jeans, crafting skills and techniques that have been passed down over generations?

It’s about a collective sharing of these experiences and an exchange of narratives and memories, and, at the same time, it’s about the question of how to put these things into words. How does a fabric feel in terms of its quality, its weight, its coloring, etc.? These verbal expressions of tactile experience will be collected and shared with one another; a collection of terms that expands the imagination and vocabulary of the participants. A kind of tactile language will be created – a tactile, unwritten lexicon. The workshop will take place in the Christuskirche in compliance with the general hygiene rules. The workshop participants are invited to bring a piece of cloth or a textile item with them. The objects produced by participants in the workshop will also be seen in the exhibition.

Dates: 03 + 04 07 2021 | 15:00–18:00
Venue: Christuskirche, Dorothee-Sölle-Platz 1, 50672 Köln
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Limited to 15 participants
Languages: English | German
Participation is free of charge

Please note that for your safety, ours, and the safety of other participants, compliance with general hygiene rules and, in particular, a daily negative Covid-19 rapid test from an official test center are required. If you have any questions, please contact us at +49 (0)221 337748 92.