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• Sun 26 09 2021 / 4:30 – 6 pm •
What if we could?

There are an estimated 64.4 million people eligible to cast their ballots in the upcoming Bundestag vote. There are also more than 11 million people living in Germany without a German passport who cannot participate in the election, as they are not entitled to full suffrage, neither the right to vote nor the right to run in an election. They, however, experience the impacts of political decisions, without having been asked what is their vision for the politics of the coming years. With the Immigrants’ Vote (Bundesmigrant*innenwahl) we would like to visualize these voices and bring a discussion about increasing the political participation of people who do not have German citizenship into the public discourse. In these times of international coexistence we are MANY – and MANY should be able to take part in deciding and shaping democracy in the place where they live. Therefore, alongside the countrywide initiative THE MANY (DIE VIELEN), we call for The Parliaments of the MANY! (Die Parlamente den VIELEN!)

On 26 09 2021 a new parliament will be elected in Germany. Will ethno-nationalistic powers prevail? Or will the proponents of an open society hold sway and be able to defend the fundamental values of our democratic system? In which direction will our society go? Because of its immense significance and effect on their daily lives, this question is especially pertinent to the people in our society who are structurally excluded from equal opportunities and who are particularly impacted by racism and discrimination. The lack of recognition and/or consideration of diversity have an adverse impact on the lives of individuals, on their futures and opportunities. Because participation is reflected in processes of recognition, which can thereby encourage inclusion, or take place through inclusion. In turn, a lack of recognition amounts to discrimination. But the participatory strength of a society does not form by itself; instead it needs political management, political encouragement and support, with active participation by all. Those who want people to feel a sense of responsibility must make involvement and equitable participation possible.

During the 2021 Bundestag vote, Academy of the Arts of the World and Integrationshaus e.V., with support from Coach e.V., are organizing the Immigrants’ Vote in Cologne under the call What if we could?, as part of The Parliaments of the Many, a countrywide campaign by THE MANY e.V. From 10 08 to 26 09 2021 all who are not allowed to vote in the Bundestag vote can cast their ballot in an election booth located at Ottmar-Pohl-Platz in Cologne-Kalk or online. The votes will be counted and submitted to the German Bundestag. On the day of the vote WDRforyou will report on the results in a live broadcast. The program will also feature discussions with experts and with people who cannot vote, who have dual citizenship or who are voting for the first time in Germany. The panel will be moderated by Isabel Schayani.

10 08–26 09 2021
What if we could?
Immigrants‘ Vote (Bundesmigrant*innenwahl)
Ottmar-Pohl-Platz 3, 51103 Cologne and online

Sun 26 09 2021 | 4:30 pm
Live broadcast on the Bundestag vote
Available online at WDRforyou
In German

An alliance of solidarity between Academy of the Arts of the World, Coach e.V. and Integrationshaus e.V.