• Thu 16 – Mon 20 10 2014 •
The Mount of Hercules


After World War II, as Cologne lay in ruins, debris from destroyed buildings was gathered and assembled into artificial mountains. The largest of these has since become the landmark known as Herkulesberg, which was initially also proposed as a memorial site. The site was to feature a sculpture by Gerhard Marcks, whose statue The Mourner was erected in front of Cologne’s St. Maria church in 1949, dedicated to all the victims of the war. Staging his site-specific installation in an archaeological-style tent, Israeli artist Yochai Avrahami critically examines the culture of state-sponsored memorials and their tendency toward universalizing claims, while referring to recent debates around the archeological zone and the Jewish Museum in Cologne.

The installation can be experienced as a guided tour with limited numbers of participants.

Venue: Herkulesberg, 50670 Cologne, 3 €

The Mount of Hercules, installation by Yochai Avrahami, Herkulesberg 2014,  Jan Kryszons