Online Workshop

• Sat 06 – Sun 07 11 2021 / 4 – 7 pm •
A Small World or a Place In-Between Us


a small world or a place in-between us,
thought experiments, exercises based on
demonstrations, walks in the forest,
unintelligible words, rhythmic silence,
in-between places, conversations with insects,
invisible places, unstable equilibria,
and unpredictable processes.

Nicolás Paris creates experiential places that allow collective experiences and dynamics to flourish and a diverse range of aesthetics to emerge. Places in which we can experiment with methods of collaborative learning, exchange, and new ways of living together. The workshop A Small World or a Place In-Between Us is part of the exhibition HANDS and will interrogate and explore the relationship between different anatomies of nature. The workshop aims to observe and understand structures and growth phenomena in nature through various tactile exercises and collaborative processes. The world provides a wealth of material to draw on for this, and our own senses become the instruments with which organically novel structures and social situations can be created. The exercises are grounded in participatory practices designed to encourage exploration of the notion of shared time between humans and between humans and nature.
Participants will be sent an accompanying booklet in advance with exercises to prepare for the workshop; selected fragments of the experiences that materialize over the course of the workshop will be displayed in the exhibition.

Dates: 06 11 + 07 11 2021 | 4–7pm
Online via Zoom
Languages: English | Spanish
Optional material costs: € 9* (*VAT included)
The workshop is fully booked. Registration is unfortunately no longer possible.