DSP Reading Group

• Tue 05 07 2022 / 7 pm •
On Violence


The Decolonial Studies Program (DSP) lecture series On Violence focuses on sexist, racist, extractivist, and economic forms of violence as well as acts of resistance. In order to deepen the content of the lecture series through shared reading and discussion, the ADKDW invites all interested parties to a Reading Group. On the basis of selected literature we will approach the topic of violence from different perspectives: How do visible and invisible, singular and institutional, symbolic and structural forms of violence differ? In which contexts is violence considered legitimate?

We will first focus on the text by Elsa Dorlin (Selbstverteidigung. Eine Philosophie der Gewalt, Suhrkamp 2020). To deepen our understanding of the book, we will also engage with Pierre Bourdieu's theory of symbolic violence, Hannah Arendt's Macht und Gewalt, Achille Mbembe on necropolitics, as well as other foundational texts by Frantz Fanon on anti-colonial violence, Walter Benjamin's Zur Kritik der Gewalt, and Judith Butler's remarks on hate speech.

From 21 06 we will read the English transcript of the online lecture On Violence #2 Stefano Harney & Fred Moten and talk about the content afterwards. You can also find the lecture in our media library.

The DSP Reading Group on the discourse series On Violence will meet every Tuesday on a weekly basis beginning 12 04 2022 and is open to all interested.

Tue 12 04 – Tue 12 07 2022 | 7 pm
Every Tuesday
ADKDW Office, Im Mediapark 7, 50670 Cologne, Germany
In German and English language
Participation is free of charge
The number of participants is limited
Registration required via email to decolonialstudies@adkdw.org
Regular attendance encouraged

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