DSP Exhibition Seminar

• Thu 08 12 2022 / 7 – 9 pm •
Here and Now at Museum Ludwig. Anti-colonial Interventions with Pável Aguilar


The exhibition Here and Now at Museum Ludwig. Anti-colonial Interventions (8 10 to 05 02 2022) opens up other perspectives of knowledge on the museum's permanent collection. We accompany the exhibition by taking an anti-colonial stroll through the permanent collection of Museum Ludwig together with the participating artists from Latin America. Which Latin American artists can be found in the collection? How do artists of Classical Modernism - usually from Europe - reproduce the exoticizing view of the global South? Which works need to be critically questioned, which offer counter-models? Eurocentric and institutionalized perspectives of knowledge are deconstructed and made accessible via new sensual forms of education.

Sound artist Pável Aguilar explores postcolonial migration societies and nature, particularly the symbiotic relationship between the environment and the human body through sound and music. Within the permanent collection of Museum Ludwig, Aguilar will intervene with sound sculptures and installations. The artistic works, which are distributed throughout the house, will expose existing power relations. In this way, Pável Aguilar confronts and turns around the exoticizing gaze of expressionist artists.

In the seminar, the participating artists will talk about their interventions in the museum and enter into a dialogue with the visitors. Participants are invited to intervene themselves and continue the dialogue on social media under #MLInterventions.

08 12 22 / 19:00 – 21:00
Museum Ludwig, Heinrich-Böll-Platz, 50667 Cologne, Germany
In English language
Participation is free of charge and does not have to be on a regular basis