Learning to Listen

• Thu 23 02 2023 •
with Shelly Quest


Every last Thursday of each month, the ADKDW invites you to a joint listening session at the Kompakt Record Store of the legendary Cologne label for electronic music. In each session, an invited guest will play selected songs, song fragments, or instrumentals and discusses them from a personal, music-historical, and/or political point of view.

Shelly Quest, born in the Bronx, NYC, lives and works as a musician, producer and designer in Cologne, Germany. In her artistic work she uses diverse resources such as color, sound and movement to express her activist approach. In the center of her work is the demand for the social empowerment and inclusion of marginalized people, especially in culture. As a rapper, she also challenges her audience with empowering and provocative lyrics, questioning existing images of role models and society. Shelly Quest is an Artist-in-Residence with ADKDW's Participatory Residency Program beginning January 2023. In collaboration with the Jugendwerkstatt Chorweiler, she will develop a participatory program for young people from the north of Cologne during the first half of 2023.

Learning to Listen Series
In radio broadcasts, podcasts and live events, Learning to Listen deals with forms of listening and non-listening - and the knowledge that can be drawn from them. The main aim of Learning to Listen is to initiate didactic processes intended to help us understand why certain sounds, songs, and narratives are heard and others are not, and to interweave auditory events with anti/de-colonial education. Together we will reflect on our internalized ways of thinking, of learning to listen and to un-learn.

23 02 2023 / 19:30
Kompakt Record Store, Werderstr. 15 - 19, 50672 Cologne, Germany
In German and English language
Admission free of charge

(c) Melanie Zahn (c) Kai Kanthak

A cooperation of Academy of the Arts of the World (ADKDW) and Kompakt.