Open Discusson

• Fri 02 06 2023 / 2 – 4 pm •
Xaraasi Xanne - Crossing Voices


The film director Raphaël Grisey together with the film producer Olivier Marboeuf and the scientist Soso Soumaré invite to an open discussion in the prelude of the film screening of Xaraasi Xanne. Together, they will talk about how Xaraasi Xanne was produced and the aftermath of the film in specific contexts and within different communities, or what the future might hold, in exchange with further participants who are interested. The conversation will also address issues of restitution surrounding the colonial audiovisual archives and the various forms of hybrid transmissions of African and peasant imaginaries, between speaking bodies and images, research and speculation.

The Film-Screening is part of the exhibition “My Life Began Several Centuries Ago” - An Ecosystem of Circulating Images. A cooperation of the DFG Research Training Group "connecting – excluding" Cultural Dynamics Beyond Globalized Networks and the Academy of the Arts of the World (Akademie der Künste der Welt, ADKDW) with African Futures Cologne. Funded by the German Research Foundation.