Open Discussion

• Sat 26 08 2023 / 5 pm •
CURATING DANGEROUSLY Daring to act from the peripheries of the world


In an online presentation and open conversation in the ADKDW Studio, Curating Dangerously focuses on the perspective of actors operating from the peripheries of the world. In Haiti, Madagascar, Cuba or Senegal, cultural work has been closely linked to anti-colonial struggles and the question of sovereignty, and thus for a long time a question of identity construction. The cultural landscape in precarious societies is dominated by a glaring lack of infrastructures and resources. Where foreign cooperation policies function as cultural policies (e.g., in the administration of visas granted or not granted), cultural practitioners have found other ways to collaborate: The boundaries between artists and curators are often permeable, while at the same time the notion of curating is often rejected.

The two events endeavor to explore the venture of curating from the peripheries of the world. What about the relationship between politics and aesthetics as soon as the curatorial gaze is directed at art from the periphery ? And what happens when the periphery and the center of power touch, once the perennial guests from the Global South are summoned? The events offer an opportunity to address these issues from the perspective of the practitioners themselves and to develop their own agenda.

Sat 26 08 2023 | 5pm
ADKDW Studio, Herwarthstraße 3, 50672 Cologne
Language: French and English
Free entry