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• Wed 08 11 2023 / 7 pm •
Chronicles of Queer Sanctuary


Chronicles of Queer Sanctuary waves a narrative tapestry of resilience, acceptance, and the enduring power of the community. The play celebrates the diverse experiences with the queer spectrum, emphasizing the strength derived from unity and the sanctuary found in shared stories. As the characters intersect and navigate personal and collective challenges, Chronicles of Queer Sanctuary becomes a celebration of resilience, illustrating the strength that emerges when individuals unite under the banner of acceptance. The play invites the audience to witness the sanctuary found within shared stories, where the collective journey towards self-discovery becomes a powerful testament to the enduring spirit of the queer community.

The play integrates material from two empowerment workshops conducted by the artist-in-residence, Yvan Hervé Butera, during the Participatory Residency Programme of the ADKDW. These dealt with feelings of belonging and home for people who identify on the queer spectrum, LGBTIPANQ+ in the context of migration, asylum and post-migration. The workshops and preparatory work took place in cooperation with baraka - a place for international queers (rubicon e.V.) and Alexis Rodríguez Suárez.

Musician: Bill Ruzima
Actress: Corazon Herbsthofer
Director: Yvan Hervé Butera

08 11 23 | 7 pm
Urania Theatre
Platenstraße 32, 50825 Cologne
In English language
Free entry
The venue is not barrier-free

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