Learning to Listen

• Wed 29 05 2024 •
with Polypixa


Every month, the ADKDW invites you to a joint listening session at the Kompakt Record Store of the legendary Cologne label for electronic music. In each session, an invited guest will play selected songs, song fragments, or instrumentals and discusses them from a personal, music-historical, and/or political point of view.

Polypixa is a poet, photographer, painter, and non-binary earthling. With her latest LP Queer Criminals, she has amassed quite the following and acclaim. Grown up in the Transnistria region of Moldova, where Poly used her camera to document the fragility of a generation torn between the superpowers, she now is a passport-holding German citizen and practices a dialogue between the political and poetical arts. Here, she collaborates with the likes of the Colorist and Waltraud Blischke. Currently, she is writing on her third album, which has the working title No Visa to Heaven.

For Learning to Listen, Poly will showcase her collection of post-Soviet vinyl and queer poetry collected from traditional Moldovan bazaars and flea markets, a journey she started in 2020. During this event, she will discuss the versatility of the border experience, the influences of bus stops in the political wastelands, tornados blowing apart her studio, and how being angry can be a good spiritual motor.

Learning to Listen Series
In radio broadcasts, podcasts and live events, Learning to Listen deals with forms of listening and non-listening - and the knowledge that can be drawn from them. The main aim of Learning to Listen is to initiate didactic processes intended to help us understand why certain sounds, songs, and narratives are heard and others are not. Together we will reflect on our internalized ways of thinking, of learning to listen and to un-learn.

Wed 29 05 2024 | 7:30 pm
Kompakt Record Store, Werderstr. 15 - 19, 50672 Cologne
In German language
Admission free of charge