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• Fri 10 04 2015 / 9 pm •
Nástio Mosquito / Nastivicious


What is this awkward hodge-podge of art and ideology? Does this guy really represent the future? The charismatic bad boy of the art and music scene Nástio Mosquito (known among other names as dZzzz, Fly, and Nasty-O) is the winner of the recent International Future Generation Art Prize. The Angolan-born Mosquito works somewhere in between music, performance, and propaganda, hilariously and painfully provocative in every genre. As a “child of the Cold War," he is used to seeing contradictions. In his sermons and songs, Mosquito makes as much fun of today’s global capitalist newspeak as of his native country's emasculated Marxist mantras. He can laugh at the cryptic gibberish of the art world as well as the dogma of postcolonial correctness. For PLURIVERSALE II, Nástio Mosquito will present the performance S.E.F.A. (Se EU fosse Angolano – in Angolan) and the films The Overture (2015 – world premiere!) and iFind (2011) by Nastivicious, the collaboration of Nástio Mosquito and Vic Pereiró.

NASTIVICIOUS: The Overture, 2015, Film 6:26 min., World premiere!

NASTIVICIOUS: iFind, 2011, film, 7:58 min.

NÁSTIO MOSQUITO: S.E.F.A., performance

Films may contain content not suitable for children.

An event in the frame of PLURIVERSALE II.
Venue: K5 im Kunsthaus Rhenania, Bayenstr. 28, 50678 Cologne
Day ticket for Nástio Mosquito & Dietmar Dath: 12 €, reduced 10 €, advance booking 8.80 €
Ticket Fri/Sat: 22 €, reduced 18 €, advance booking 16.50 €
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