• Sat 11 04 2015 / 8 pm •
Dean Blunt

What would you expect from an album called Black Metal? Certainly not what you get when you listen to the work of London musician Dean Blunt. Since his beginnings as the duo Hype Williams with Inga Copeland, everything about his practice has defied audience expectations, be it through mysterious and provocative cover design, cryptic interviews, conceptual gigs, or the music itself. Tracks such as 50 Cent, Heavy, Punk, or Country are actually hypnotically sung soft pop compositions made up of free jazz elements, drone, reggae fragments, and indie rock riffs – just as you are getting into it, they break off and take a completely different track.

An event in the frame of PLURIVERSALE II.
Venue: K5 im Kunsthaus Rhenania, Bayenstr. 28, 50678 Cologne
Day ticket for Dean Blunt & Afrikan Sciences: 15 €, reduced 13 €, advance booking 11 €
Ticket Fri/Sat: 22 €, reduced 18 €, advance booking 16.50 €
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