Lecture performance series

• Fri 17 04 – Sun 28 06 2015 •
Exercises in Storytelling and Other Tricks Sina Seifee


What does humility mean in science? The metaphor of farseeing is one of most important conceptual tools in the discourse of knowledge: an ideological and optical apparatus in use since the Renaissance in Europe, and symptomatic of farsightedness in vision-related illnesses. In a lecture performance realized in collaboration with Ale Bachlechner, Benjamin Ramirez Perez, and Stefan Ramirez Perez, Sina Seifee considers Europe’s view of the future and its language, forms of utopia, and collaboration, where rage against giants might be related to our dark time.

Fri 17 4 2015 ACADEMYSPACE
Wed 29 4 2015 Puppentheater im Blauen-Haus
Fri 29 5 2015 Mevlana e.V., Sufi-Zentrum Köln
Sun 28 6 2015 Poller Wiesen Rheinufer, near: Alfred-Schütte-Allee 163, DLRG rechtsrheinisch Süd e.V.
Performance series in the frame of PLURIVERSALE II.

How does a talk become a work of art? Sina Seifee, an emerging artist based in Cologne, proposes several answers to this proposition in a performance series consisting of lectures, seminars, and one-person symposia, with no one master rail bounding the tracks of thought. Rather, Seifee’s talks address different sites in the city of Cologne: locations with certain reservations and different forms of hospitality towards art. At each gathering, Seifee takes up various curiosities such as the short story, a joke, a philosophical remark, or a translation, weaving within his whimsical and irreverent improvisations intricate yet careful responses to the minefield of intercultural narratives.

Lecture performance
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Fri 17 4 2015
Venue: ACADEMYSPACE, Herwarthstraße 3, 50672 Cologne
With ALE BACHLECHNER, Jonathan Kastl, Benjamin Ramirez Perez und Stefan Ramirez Perez
Invitation only!
In English

Lecture performance
Vom kleinen Maulwurf, der wissen wollte, wer ihm auf den Kopf gemacht hat
Wed 29 4 2015
Venue: Puppentheater im Blauen-Haus, Severinstraße 120, 50678 Cologne
Free admission
In English

“How did this poop get onto my head?” asks the little mole in the illustrated childrens’ book. Sina Seifee answers him in a series of passionate misunderstandings, a “perverse” reading pitched at all of those who work with creativity. Ass-to-ass investigations demonstrate each animal’s unique transmissions, pronouncements, texts, and indigestible occupations, as the rear becomes the story’s source of productive energy.

Lecture performance
Reading Manṭiq-uṭ-Ṭayr or the Conference of Birds
Fri 29 5 2015
Venue: Mevlana e.V., Sufi-Zentrum Köln, Roonstraße 39 - 41, 50674 Cologne
Free admission
In English

What would a debate between two mythical birds look like? To the thirteenth-century Sufi mystic Farīd al-Dīn ʿAṭṭār, the mythical bird Sīmurgh symbolized humanity’s will to the sublime, but in the collection of Middle Arabic Persian Sanskrit animal fables Kalila wa Dimna, the same bird becomes a metaphor for abstract power and social hierarchy. Sina Seifee performs a comparative reading of these two conflicting structures, accompanied by traditional music that has evolved alongside the vast body of mystic literature in Iran over the last millenia.

Lecture performance
Retracing the Steps of the Wolf in the Story of the Three Little Pigs
Sun 28 6 2015
Venue: Poller Wiesen Rheinufer, near: Alfred-Schütte-Allee 163, DLRG rechtsrheinisch Süd e.V. (Train stops U Raiffeisenstraße or Salmstraße)
Coordinates: 50.909901, 6.982884
Please bring a blanket and picnic!
Free admission
In English

What does story of the Three Little Pigs have to do with Heidegger? For Sina Seifee, the answer is obvious: it is about the self existentially “at home” with itself, or better, at home with its one-to-three-piggy-self, while the material of the walls have to endure a performance test under the intrusion of the wolf. No wonder that the three little pigs are alike, representing the operation of the “same,” their only difference in how they engineer a better and stronger separation...