• Fri 24 04 2015 •
Learning from Alexis!? Sonja Buckel, Evaggelia „Litsa“ Alexaki, Miltiadis Oulios


What happens when neoliberalism is challenged by a government within Europe? For the first time, a radical left-wing party has taken the reigns of a European country and for the first time, the political push to dismantle the welfare state as a consequence of the European debt crisis has taken serious pause. How can one explain that the German government, seconded by the majority of media, is bluntly fighting the attempt of the Greeks to enforce a social alternative to the ongoing euro crisis policy? What can we learn from the phenomenon of Alexis Tsipras? And what role do social movements play in this process? German-Greek journalist and author Miltiadis Oulios will pursue these questions in a discussion with Sonja Buckel and Evaggelia "Litsa" Alexaki. Buckel is a professor for political theory at the University of Kassel and analyzes EU politics and institutions from a state critical perspective. Alexaki is an activist and spokesperson of the Athens movement "595 cleaners." For one-and-a-half years Alexaki and her colleagues have been staging massive protests and fighting their dismissal from the Greek fiscal authority and subsequent replacement by cleaners from a temporary employment agency. The movement's popular symbol is a red fist in a rubber glove.

Doors open: 20:00
Begin: 21:00
In German
Venue: King Georg, Sudermanstraße 2, 50670 Cologne
3 €