Workshop Youth Academy

• Thu 25 – Fri 26 06 2015 / 10 am – 4 pm •
The Art of Idleness Olga Jitlina


What do idleness or indolence evoke in you? Echoing somersaults in a fountain, collective siestas on a football pitch, fleeing to the balcony, picnics in a full metro carriage, gloriously skating in a garbage bin, looking up to see vague rocaille clouds? The praise of idleness can be found in art but also in economic, political and socio-scientific thinking. The workshop – co-developed by Alexander Skidan and Emily Newman – theoretically and practically addresses these approaches, trying to reclaim idleness for an art exhausted by project-juggling, deadline pressure, endless networking and precarious self-exploitation.

in English
Limited to 15 participants! Please register until 22. June:
The participation in the workshop is free of charge.