Performance in public space

• Fri 25 – Mon 28 09 2015 •
Ex-posing Cologne Shadow Casters


The Zagreb-based group Shadow Casters focuses on the city of Cologne in this latest installment of Ex-position, their much-acclaimed series of site-specific participative performances in urban spaces. Ex-posing Cologne invites the audience to a multilingual, intermedia and sensorial one-to-one voyage into the city, its urban legends and its designs of time and space. Performers lead participants on narrated walks, turning them into characters from interlacing story lines about the city and its history. Genders, times and places shift, and fictional relationships arise between familiar facts. Ex-position thus shows its readers/viewers/players the conflicting, intricate and manifold nature of human activities and products in the urban realm to answer the question of how a city settles in our inner world.

14:00–18:30 every half hour
Venue: a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne, Aachener Straße 217, 50931 Cologne
5 €, reduced 3 €
Registration see below
Participation is also possible without registration!
The performance of the Shadow Casters will be in German, English, French, Spanish, Urdu, Portuguese, Serbo-croatian and a little bit of Farsi.
In cooperation with plan project and a.r.t.e.s.

An event in the frame of PLURIVERSALE III.