Discussion / Concert / K5-Party

• Fri 18 12 2015 •
Against the Carnival of Cultures / Fumaça Preta / Live: Andy Stott, Nene Hatun, Wolf Müller & Band Final event - Pluriversale III

Doors open: 19:00 Venue: Bayenwerft Kunsthaus Rhenania e. V., Bayenstraße 28, 50678 Cologne Ticket for the discussion and the concert: 8 €, reduced 5 € Evening ticket including K5-Party: 15 €, reduced 12 €


Guests: Natalie Bayer (curator, does her PhD on “Migration on display”) Marianne Bechhaus-Gerst (professor for African studies at the University of Cologne) Atif Hussein (theatre director, activist from Bühnenwatch) Miltiadis Oulios (journalist, moderator and book author of „Blackbox Abschiebung“) Selim Özdogan (writer, Cologne) Moderation: Ekaterina Degot & David Riff


Over the last three decades, Germany has undergone a drastic cultural globalization. Yet there are deep problems with the very terms under which so-called “world culture” is presented. All too often, people with a “migration background” are expected to play their identities to the full: to present the right mix of exotic entertainment and distant tragedy, easy to digest, accessible, and emotionally charged, all within clear limits. What can we do to fight this tricky combination of false tolerance, double standards, and not-so-hidden institutional racism? For the final discussion of its autumn PLURIVERSALE Ⅲ, the Academy of the Arts of the World invites key practitioners living in Germany to discuss these questions and to find a way out of the ghetto of cultural otherness.

Concert FUMAÇA PRETA 22:00

Fumaça Preta (pronounced Foomassa Pretta) is Portuguese for “Black Smoke”, a phrase that was shouted during the recording of their first 45, when the band’s vintage analogue tape machine malfunctioned. Impossible to define, Fumaça Preta brings together elements of tropicalia, psychedelic rock, fuzz funk, musique concrete, acid house, radiophonic electronics, hair metal, voodoo and African, Brazilian and Latin rhythms. With vocals whispered, ranted and screamed in Portuguese, sounds layered across time, and tropical rhythms and fuzz guitars fighting for supremacy, this band never delivers what you expect. Live, Fumaça Preta swerves in and out of endless musical avenues but never loses the rock solid heavy psychedelic groove that drives them. Fumaça Preta is based in Brighton, London and Amsterdam. The bands debut album Fumaça Preta is out now on Soundway Records. After the concert there will be a K5-party.


K5-Party - Live Andy Stott (Manchester) Nene Hatun (Berlin) Wolf Müller & Band (Themes for Great Cities, Salon des Amateurs, Düsseldorf)

Ticket for the K5-Party: 15 €, reduced 12 €