Film screening and talk

• Thu 16 06 2016 / 7 pm •
Football Postcolonial?


The place is Yaoundé, Cameroun, the year 2014, and the German and French national teams are meeting for a match. But wait: why are all the players black? Is this a replay of the war between Germany and France a century before, fought not only in Europe, but also in Cameroun, with local soldiers standing in for their colonial masters? This provocative reenactment (called Nebensaison) by Berlin-based artist Philip Kojo Metz raises many complex questions. Is football the continuation of politics by other means? Who has the ball? Who controls the game? Probing racial stereotypes and prejudices, the film looks more closely at the allegedly imitative, secondary character of non-European culture against the backdrop of white supremacy in world politics and its proclaimed (but never achieved) reversal in sport and, recently, art. Philip Kojo Metz joins in conversation on these issues with NADJA OFUATEY-ALAZARD and BEN KAUFMANN.

Venue: ACADEMYSPACE, Herwarthstraße 3, 50672 Cologne
Free admission