• Thu 08 09 2016 / 7 pm •
Blunted on Reality Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung


Exile, flight, asylum: how does that sound? And does it sound like anything at all? Is it silenced? Or translated into exotic musical tunes, easy to digest, easy to accept? How does this humming sound reverberate inside bodies; how does it project itself into the world? The sonorous is a broker in the dynamic interplay between time, place, space and bodies. It determines how the body navigates within its political, social, economic and psychic space. In his lecture performance, curator and theoretician Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung identifies sonic elements that can’t be taken away from the immigrant in this age of refugees. In his talk, subtitled “Reflections on the vicissitudes of subjectivities in/and space through migratory sonic realities,” he looks at how these haunting silences, aural corporeal rhetoric and musical expressions will shape opinions of the self and the other in the construction of their subjectivities. These figures – not of speech but of sound – define subjectivities in their constant state of adaptation, which is inherent to any migratory experience.

Venue: Christuskirche, Dorothee-Sölle-Platz 1, 50672 Cologne
Free admission
In English