The seventh PLURIVERSALE starts on September 20, 2017 at 7 pm with the opening of the group exhibition „Stealing from the West“ at ACADEMYSPACE. Linked to the topic of the whole series, the exhibition presents strategies of cultural counter-appropriation – a tool of cultural resistance used by the underprivileged, in postcolonial Africa or in the Europe of migrants, as well as by those on the margins of Europe in the former socialist world. On the opening day, Ines Doujak und John Barker will also present their performance „Class Hatred, Only Joking“, starting at 8 pm. The official PLURIVERSALE opening ceremony will take place on September 29 at 6:30 pm at the Stadtgarten and in Studio 672 as an evening made up of multiple events. This includes a talk between the activist Clara Balaguer and the media theorist Florian Cramer about „The Moral of Xerox: Ethical Compexities of Appropriation“ (starting at 6:30 pm), the surreal fashion-concert „Chombotrope“ by African-European Jitta Collective of Stephanie Thiersch and Kefa Oiro (starting at 9 pm), as well as the B2B DJ Set „Tropic High Winds Party“ by DJs Elephant Power and Nkisi (starting at 11 pm). We kindly invite you to these and all of our other events! The PLURIVERSALE VII runs until December 10, 2017.