The preliminary Line-Up for the three-day feature Digging the Global South is complete. Amongst others, it will include Maha El Nabawi (Cairo / Egypt), FAKA (Johannesburg / South Africa), and Moor Mother (Philadelphia / USA). The event takes place at Stadtgarten and Studio 672. It combines talks, concerts, and parties that reflect on artistic strategies, production, and distribution of mainly electronic music from Africa and the African diaspora. The event is curated by the program coordinator THOMAS GLÄSSER/Zentrum für Aktuelle Musik e.V.


Angel Ho (Capetown / South Africa) tbc
Benjamin Noys (Chichester / UK)
C-Drik (Berlin // Belgium)
DJ Marfox (Lisbon // Angola)
DJ Lag (Durban / South Africa) tbc
Don´t DJ aka Florian Meyer (Berlin / Germany)
Elsa M´Bala (Berlin // Cameroon)
Endeguena Mulu (Addis Ababa / Ethiopia) tbc
FAKA (Johannesburg / South Africa)
Felix Klopotek (Cologne / Germany)
Jaquelines Georges (Cairo / Egypt)
Luka Guindo (Bamako / Mali)
Lukas Ligeti (Irvine / USA)
Maha El Nabawi (Cairo / Egypt)
Mahmoud Refat (Cairo / Egypt)
Mattin (Berlin // Spain) "Songbook #7" feat. Moor Mother, Lucio Capece, Marcel Dickhage, Farahnaz Hatam, Colin Hacklander, Cathleen Schuster
Michael Baird (Utrecht // Zambia)
Moor Mother (Philadelphia / USA)
Rough Americana (Amsterdam // USA)
… more to be announced