loading.cologne - 6-week Documentation Project for a Digital Artistic Archive
(September – October 2018)

The Academy of the Arts of the World is launching loading.cologne – a public access digital archive on hidden and marginalised histories of Cologne, NRW and Ruhr. We are currently looking for students and fellows to join us in writing / collating / finding / mapping. The focus can be a person, place, street or phenomenon, anything from your local hairdresser to a football fanatic neighbor, a kiosk, bar, attic, or subcultural space... The aim is to find an interdisciplinary, imaginative and fitting way to create a profile that can become part of loading.cologne.

As we are especially looking for unique ideas and original approaches, the application procedure is informal. Alongside your CV, please send a proposal loosely sketching your idea, which can be in text, image, film or sound format, to paszkowski@academycologne.org by July 20th.

Conceptual guidance and technical help will be provided throughout the 6-week duration of the project. Meetings will take place once a week to discuss the progress of the projects. A remuneration of €500 will be given to each participant as well as a certificate of participation.