The Akademie der Künste der Welt is pleased to welcome two new members: Ntone Edjabe and Adriana Schneider Alcure. The ADKDW members act as think tank and provide the framework for the ADKDW’s artistic program.

Olivier Marboeuf on Ntone Edjabe
"It’s a huge pleasure to welcome Ntone Edjabe as a new member. I’m sure the ADKDW will be enriched by the experience of this strong voice from the African continent, a writer and cultural activist, DJ and founder of Chimurenga. Chimurenga is a magazine, but also an incredible platform for critical practices around archiving and alternative Black culture dissemination. I think Ntone will help us to develop ambitious tools for publication and debate in the expanded network of the ADKDW as he did in his local activities."

Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz on Adriana Schneider Alcure
"It is with great excitement that I wait for Adriana to energise the ADKDW with her infectious energy, deep insights and fierce commitment. She is an outstanding personality in the cultural landscape of Rio de Janeiro. With her heels dug deep into cultural politics, she has been struggling for free public education in the arts and the right of free artistic expression. Her research on Puppet theatre (Kasperle Theater) and its efficiency as ideological tool for the Nazi Regime during the Third Reich has also made her a familiar figure in the German cultural scene. Recently, Adriana Schneider Alcure has been appointed Superintendent in Cultural Programming at UFRJ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s largest University."