The Akademie der Künste der Welt is pleased to welcome two new members: Maha Maamoun and Marc Siegel. The ADKDW members act as think tank and provide the framework for the ADKDW’s artistic program.

Maha Maamoun is a Cairo-based artist, curator and freelance publisher, dedicated to the form and function of cultural images in her work. Collaboratively working on independent publishing and exhibition projects, she is a founding member of the Contemporary Image Collective (CiC), a nonprofit space for art and culture founded in Cairo in 2004 She is also co-founder of the independent publishing platform Kayfa ta. In 2016, she presented her film and book project Dear Animal as part of the academy's scholarship program.

Marc Siegel is professor of film science at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. His research focuses mainly on queer studies and experimental films. He is also a freelance curator and has worked on numerous film series and programs for film and performance festivals as well as museums and galleries. He is on the advisory board of the Forum Expanded of Berlinale and one of the co-founders of the Berlin art collective CHEAP, which was featured in the program of the ADKDW in 2020.