The Participatory Residency Program is conceived as a platform for close collaborations between local communities and (international) artists, cultural activists and collectives. The program will be realized by the residency holder(s). This will happen in close collaboration with the ADKDW and their partner organizations DEMASK Kollektiv and Integrationshaus e.V..

The Participatory Residency Program seeks art and cultural activists as well as collectives who engage with intersectional and postcolonial critiques of power in the context of cultural education and contemporary art or see this as the goal of their work in a broader sense. We do not intend to place any restrictions as regards content on the residency program, i.e. you are not limited to the above-mentioned themes as topics per se – your program can also center other subject matter and themes. However, the practice of the applicants should in some form deal with aspects of participation and critiques of power within the contemporary cultural sphere. Here you can find the PDF for the current call.

This call for applications is addressed especially to people and groups who are (predominantly) BI*PoC – Black, Indigenous*, People of Color, and those who experience racism but do not identify with these designations. People who also experience intersectional marginalization (e.g., BI*PoC on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum or with dis_abilities), people who are discriminated against under patriarchy (WLINT*–women, lesbians, inter, nonbinary or trans*people), and those who experience gender-based discrimination but do not identify with these designations are especially encouraged to apply.

We cannot at this time provide housing for the residency holder. Also the situation as regards the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be uncertain. Therefore, this year we especially encourage regional art and cultural activists and collectives to apply.

The application deadline is 09 05 2021.
Personal interviews will take place 23 + 24 + 28 06 2021.
The first residency starts at the beginning of 09 2021.

Applicants may direct questions to Nora Wiedenhöft (Head of the Participatory Residency Program, she/they). We are also happy to help with any questions concerning the program.