• Sat 06 05 2017 •
Paris-Cologne Performance Night


Venue: Stadtgarten, Venloer Str. 40, 50672 Cologne
5 €
In cooperation with Stadtgarten and TanzFaktur

23 4 2017 / 14:00 Voguing workshop with Alex Mugler at TanzFaktur

This night of performances by up-and-coming artists from Paris and Cologne is the result of an experimental open call for artistic projects in the Paris region initiated by Academy member, Monika Gintersdorfer. This call was primarily directed at artists active in the field of performing arts whose work is characterized by a political and/or social standpoint and who had never before applied to a European cultural institution. The call was non-bureaucratic and asked for applications in any language and form, without requesting institutional confirmations or detailed budgets. The call itself was promoted via unconventional channels, in DJ sets, and by word of mouth. The Academy thus aimed to extend the group of potential applicants and to oppose the overprofessionalization and tacitly racist exclusionism of the cultural field. Call projects will be shown together with several matching works by young artists from Cologne and followed by a DJ set from Katharina Silver (Cologne), all selected by Academy’s team. The event is preceded by a voguing workshop in TanzFaktur on 23.4., led by Alex Mugler.

ALAINGO and ORDINATEUR are young dancers and choreographers currently based in Paris. They come from the Ivory Coast, where they worked with artists such as Debordaux Leefunka, Kedjevera, Eric Olomide and DJ Arafat. Both practice a mix of Coupé-Décalé and Hip-Hop styles.

SOROUR DARABI is a Paris-based performer, dancer and choreographer. Born in Iran they explore the issues of sexual identity, gender politics and language. In 2016 they were awarded the Acknowledgement Prize of the Zürcher Theater Spektakel for their short piece Farci.e.

KELVIN KILONZO grew up in Gießen and is studying contemporary dance in Cologne. He frequently appears in the free performance scene as well as with his breakdance crew. PABLO GIW is a trumpet player and sound artist from Cologne. He is active in improvised and experimental music scenes.

ALEX MUGLER is a New York-born, Paris-based voguer, dancer, and choreographer. His skills are reflected in intense, virtuosic and hybrid performances, traveling from high heels to ballet pointe shoes. He collaborates with artists such as Rihanna, fka Twigs, François Chaignaud and Cecilia Bengolea.

LASSEINDRA NINJA and KENDALL MIYAKE-MUGLER are voguers based in Paris. Before importing it to France and starting her own voguing house, Lasseindra discovered voguing in New York. Kendall is an official member of The Legendary House of Miyake Mugler.

ABI TARIQ is a Pakistani conceptual and performance artist based in Paris. He crafts site and context-specific experiences, installations and transmissions inspired by the complex and often complicated entanglements between language, culture and power.

JANINA WARNK is active in the free art and performance scene of North Rhine-Westphalia. She explores alternate models of reality in installations and spatial simulations, while her music works with fictional figures that intervene performatively into everyday life.

HOUSE OF MELODY is the first German voguing house founded in 2012 by Mother Leo Melody. Next to teaching regular classes and workshops throughout Germany, the House actively organizes workshops, panels, session and dance events with international guests at venues like Tanzhaus NRW, Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf or Sophiensäle and HAU in Berlin.