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• Fri 19 02 – Sun 07 03 2021 / 2:15 – 6:30 pm •
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Emerging and multiplying forms of shadow labor in the world of digits and algorithms.

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2011 | 12’ | Documentary, Thriller | USA
Director: Andrew Norman Wilson
Language: English

The video addresses the issues of scrupulous corporate principles behind digital labor and the complicit superstructure around it by investigating a top-secret, marginalized class of ScanOps Google Books workers at Google’s headquarters in Silicon Valley. Google responded to the investigation by ousting Andrew Norman Wilson from the company. The reference to the Lumière Brother’s 1895 film Workers Leaving the Factory, one of the earliest celluloid productions that documented industrial working class as well as animated bodies, situates the video within motion picture history – suggesting transformations and continuities in arrangements of labor, capital, media, and information.

2018 | 95’ | Documentary | Germany, Philippines
Directors: Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck
Language: English with German Subtitles

Thousands of external employees view photos and videos for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media outlets. The film documents the stressful work done by these employees, who have to make split-second decisions about what should be deleted and what should be posted. The criteria and requirements of this work are one of the best kept secrets of the internet giants. Alongside the stories of five employees, the film explores the global impact of online censorship and shows how hate and fake news are spread and reinforced via social networks.
The film shows young people who are proud of their work as content moderators. Many are deeply traumatized by this work. The symptoms exhibited by many of the content moderators are similar to those of soldiers returning from war. But whilst military service is highly respected in society, the content moderators have to remain invisible.

Script: Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck
Camera: Axel Schneppat, Max Preiss
Editing: Philipp Gromov, Hansjörg Weißbrich, Markus CM Schmidt
Awards: Best Documentary, Moscow Film Festival | Gilda Vieira De Mello Award | Prix Europa – TV Documentary | Deutscher Wirtschaftsfilmpreis – Nachwuchspreis | Best Director – Documentary, Deutscher Regiepreis Metropolis.

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