Online Film Screening

• Fri 04 – Sun 06 12 2020 •
Film-Work The End of a Working Day

2020 | 16’ | Documentary | Germany
Director: Nafiseh Fathollahzadeh
Language: English

Workmates of Lieferando - an international food delivery platform get together at their usual hangout to prepare for a protest on the 8th of October when thousands of app-based workers join the Fourth International Stoppage of Delivery and App-Workers to protest Proposition 22 running in California. The proposition aims to designate the workers as “independent workers” rather than employees which would exempt gig economy companies from providing their workers with basic rights and workplace protections, such as overtime pay, sick days, unemployment insurance, and the right to unionise.

The camera moves from one table to another at a bar witnessing the conversations of the workers on an evening after work in Berlin 2020, at the verge of digital capitalism. The film is made in the context of ADKDW project Ghosts, Traces, Echoes: Works in Shifts in the framework of Momentography of a failure workshop.

Camera and Editing: Nafiseh Fathollahzadeh
Sound Recording: Daniel Kötter
Sound Design: Jochen Jezussek