Carnival project

• Sat 01 07 – Fri 29 09 2023 •
Collaboration with Cordão do Boitatá


Cordão do Boitatá is an independent and well-known street carnival association in Rio de Janeiro, founded in 1996. Since 2022, Cordão do Boitatá has been officially declared a cultural heritage of Rio de Janeiro. In this collaboration with co-founder and ADKDW member Adriana Schneider Alcure, the ADKDW is collaborating with the Cordão do Boitatá Music Band, who have been presenting their music over the past 25 years on different platforms, and are dedicated to collaborating with and educating young people in music in the favelas in Rio de Janeiro. The results of the collaboration will be visible and audible as a sound installation from September 29th in the ADKDW Studio.

Carnival is not only a popular occasion for celebration in different longitudes and latitudes around the world. Carnival itself is also a socio-political event. From the history of Carnival, one can derive fundamental developments and changes in political and social nature. In addition to Cologne, Cologne's twin city Rio des Janeiro is also a famous carnival city. Of particular interest in the case of Rio de Janeiro - in relation to carnival - is the connection between the levels of spirituality, economy and politics. The project kaɦ.na.vˈaw | Spirituality, Economics and Politics wants to reflect this connection from Cologne and the Rhineland. Last but not least, the roots of the Brazilian carnival and the migration in Cologne and the Rhineland will be of central importance.

Over the period between summer and autumn 2023, workshops, concerts and music performances, artistic presentations, as well as a performative symposium in collaboration with different institutions and migrant associations of Cologne will take place in this context. The project is artistically directed by Adriana Schneider Alcure, who is an ADKDW Academy Member, the co-founder of the carnival association Cordão do Boitatá and professor of theater at the University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), and the Brazilian film and theater director, actor and theater educator Alex Mello, who lives in Cologne and Bonn.
July - September 2023, Rio de Janeiro

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In cooperation with the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum and the The Centre for International Cultural Education of the Goethe-Institut Bonn.

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