Film screening and talk

• Wed 23 03 2016 / 8 pm •
Occupy Schloss von Puttkamer


Castle Puttkamer is an architectural testimony to Germany’s colonial legacy. Built in Buéa at the foot of Mont Cameroon as the residence for the German governor, its infrastructure bespeaks the functions of colonial rule, while its romantic design as picture book castle embodies neo-feudal fantasies of dominance. How does a post-colonial society relate to such a strange monument, how does it use and change the building, and what stories does the building tell? Pascale Obolo departs from this unlikely castle’s history, exploring the archives and oral histories of German colonialism. Working together with dancers, she interprets the various memories surrounding the castle, developing a visual and corporeal experience of the colonial condition. She joins in a discussion with ERIC VAN GRASDORFF, chairperson of the German chapter of AfricAvenir, to present this work-in-progress as a multi-layered engagement with the complexity of decolonization in present-day Cameroon.

Venue: Filmforum at the Museum Ludwig, Bischofsgartenstraße 1, 50667 Cologne
3 €
The ensuing talk will be in French and translated into English.

In cooperation with the ifs internationale filmschule köln