Soundscapes and Audio performance

• Thu 14 04 2016 / 10 pm •
Rituals of Transition. I like Africa Waterfront Party—Could Be A Political Party Too—Though I Don't Know What that Would Be


Singing and dancing, man expresses his sense of belonging to a higher community; he has forgotten how to walk and talk and is on the brink of flying and dancing, up and away into the air above. His gestures speak of his enchantment. Just as the animals now talk and the earth gives milk and honey, there now sounds out from within man some­ thing supernatural: he feels himself to be a god, he himself now moves in such ecstasy and sublimity as once he saw the gods move in his dreams. Man is no longer an artist, he has become a work of art: all nature’s artistic power reveals itself here, amidst shivers of intoxication, to the highest, most blissful satisfaction of the primordial unity. Here man, the noblest clay, the most precious marble, is kneaded and carved and, to the accompaniment of the chisel-blows of the Dionysiac world-artist, the call of the Eleusinian Mysteries rings out: “Fall ye to the ground, ye millions? Feelst thou thy Creator, world?”
Friedrich Nietzsche
The Birth of Tragedy

18:00 Reception within the frame of Art Cologne with artists present
Venue: ACADEMYSPACE, Herwarthstraße 3, 50672 Cologne
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