Photo: Riju Das

The ADKDW Residency regularly invites international artists, theorists and curators to spend some time living and working in Cologne and thus offers the opportunity to network with local artists and institutions. As Artist-in-Residence currently in Cologne is Koel Sen. The work of the filmmaker and artist from Mumbai lies at the intersection of film and new media: archival and self-shot footage is manipulated down to the core pixels using algorithms and computer-coding. Koel’s film works revolve around ideas that are dominated by her own politics of radical feminism and subversion. Koel’s short fiction film Valay has been screened at numerous film festivals. She won the IAWRT (International Association of Women in Film, Radio and Television) Philippines Emerging Talent Award for her short documentary Bahava. The film was screened at the Grenoble Indian Film Festival (GIFF 2021) in France, among others. The ADKDW Residency will allow her to work on her first feature-length documentary film titled In the Light of Darkness. At the end of her residency, a screening of her short film work is planned in Cologne.