• Sat 14 10 2017 / 9 pm •
Drapetomania Filastine & Nova


Drapetomania is the title of the new collaboration of the multimedia duo Filastine & Nova. The term comes from an 18th-century medical diagnosis for an enslaved person’s urge to escape, and this reflects the program of their new album as much as their ability to evade categorization, in a practice combining sound, video, design, dance, and activism – recent interventions include a sound swarm at the Paris Climate Summit and a performance in the “Calais Jungle” migrant camp. Their music is drawn from the globalization of dubstep, combining Afro-Brazilian and North African beats, rap and soul vocals with field recordings, all patched together in improvised studios on their travels. Colliding psychedelic trap, tropical post-folk and a punk ethos, Filastine & Nova reappropriate that tricky, depoliticized field called World Music, conjuring an emergency exit from the Anthropocene.

Venue: studiobühneköln, Universitätsstraße 16a, 50937 Cologne
12 €
The concert ticket includes admission to the events with Kader Attia and Hari Kunzru