Workshop + Sci-Fi-a-thon

• Sat 28 – Sun 29 09 2019 •
Speculative Actions

Concept by MI YOU


What kind of future society do you want to live in? Which values do you value and how can they be accounted for? What kind of exchange system is possible, beyond pricing-theory-based commodities? What do family, kinship, legacy, and other social relations mean? What kind of urban structure will accommodate the future life?

As part of the exhibition Sci-(no)-Fi the workshop Speculative Actions takes place. Forming the core of the show is a hologram that renders the influence of future technologies on our social spheres ‘graspable’ using the examples of China and Hong Kong. It proposes futuristic images motivated and guided by technologies. Thus it tries to strike a balance between techno optimism or solutionism, on the one hand, and techno pessimism or nihilism, on the other.


Together with practitioners from diverse disciplines, we will map and enact some of the practices for future societal visions. Artist and game designer Pekko Koskinen, (Finland), member of the Economic Space Agency, will introduce their platform for new social value systems and enact a social game among the participants. Designer Aiwen Yin (China) will engage workshop participants to rethink the social contract and find alternative ways of organizing family structures. Swooding Architects (Hong Kong) will share practices of urban futurology and of translating social imaginations into spaces and infrastructures. And not least, artist Royce Ng (Hong Kong) will demonstrate how to work with various artistic technologies – from VR, AR to holograms.


What is your vision of the near-future society? After attending the workshop, the participants will group up for the sci-fi-a-thon. Each group will collectively write a sci-fi story within 24 hours. The theme will be announced at the beginning. The workshop presenters will team up with some of the groups or offer their insights. The writing marathon will end with a public presentation of each sci-fi story. The results of the workshop will later on be integrated in the exhibition.

The number of participants is limited; the participation is free of charge.
Register for the workshop at
You may register as an individual or as an existent collective.
The sci-fi-a-thon is part of the workshop. A separate registration is not possible.
The workshop will be conducted in English, stories can be written multilingually.
We will provide snacks, drinks and a comfortable atmosphere for the overnight shift.

Sat 28 9 2019 | 10 am – Sun 29 9 2019 | 10 pm
Venue: Academyspace, Herwarthstraße 3, 50672 Cologne