• Fri 01 04 2022 / 7 pm •
On Violence #1 Elsa Dorlin


The format of the series On Violence is in three parts: Elsa Dorlin's online lecture is available here starting on 25 03. Following this, the lecture was discussed in a live event on 01 04 in front of an audience at HAU1, Berlin. The recording of the event can be found here. On Violence #1 with Elsa Dorlin will be concluded with the publication of the lecture in book form.

While historical, hegemonic and repressive forms of violence are increasingly becoming the focus of ongoing debates, acts of resistance are more and more frequently being characterised as violent and thereby delegitimised. At what point is it acceptable to use counter-violence against sexist, racist, extractivist or economic forms of violence? In the joint discourse series On Violence the Akademie der Künste der Welt (Academy of the Arts of the World, ADKDW) and HAU Hebbel am Ufer are starting an analysis of current forms of expression of violence.

It kicks off with French philosopher Elsa Dorlin, whose Se Defendre (English translation forthcoming via Verso Books) explores the historical gap between ‘defensible’ and defenceless bodies, as well as the organised ‘disarmament’ of the subjugated. Along the way, she traces a genealogy of political self-defence from the stories of the Black Panthers to Rodney King to the Suffragettes. In the discourse series On Violence she will publicly discuss her positions for the first time in Germany.

Fri 01 04 2022 | 7 pm
Livestream at adkdw.org and at hau4.de
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