• Thu 24 11 2022 •
On Violence #4 Daniel Loick & Vanessa Eileen Thompson

with ARMIN (copwatch_ffm), MUHAMMAD AL-KASHEF (Abolish Frontex), SARAH (Women in Exile), VINCENT BABABOUTILABO (Ihr Seid Keine Sicherheit)
Moderation: DANIEL LOICK

English with simultaneous German translation:

German with simultaneous English translation:

“Abolitionism” refers to a theoretical, political and social movement that advocates overcoming state institutions of violence such as prisons and police. Ultimately, the history of violence in modern societies is inextricably linked to the issue of the state’s monopoly on the use of force.

In On Violence #4, central abolitionist initiatives from Germany come together to talk about the call to dismantle this monopoly on violence, based on the reader “Abolitionism” (Suhrkamp) edited by Vanessa E. Thompson and Daniel Loick: Copwatch_ffm, Abolish Frontex, Women in Exile and Ihr Seid Keine Sicherheit discuss, in the tradition of struggles against the enslavement of Black people, the racist history of state apparatuses of violence and their entanglement with forms of capitalist exploitation and patriarchal oppression.

The format of the series On Violence is divided threefold: The online lecture by Daniel Loick & Vanessa Eileen Thompson will be available here on 17 11 2022. Following this, the lecture will be discussed in a live event on 24 11 2022 in front of an audience at HAU1. You will find the livestream and the subsequent recording of the event here starting 24 11 2022, 19:00. The completion of On Violence #4 with Daniel Loick & Vanessa Eileen will be the publication of the lecture in book form.

24 11 2022 / 19:00
HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin & Online
English language with German translation
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